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Kuro Avatar
Kuro: idk if a banned acc can access it though.... Nov 2, 2019 6:39:22 GMT -7
Wolfie's Troll Account 1 Avatar
Wolfie's Troll Account 1: thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu @kuro but where is all volumes i cant see them? do you see them? Nov 2, 2019 7:09:27 GMT -7
Kuro Avatar
Kuro: Im currently working on volume 19 and have volume 20 in the back to work on afterwards. 1-9 can be found in other locations already translated Nov 2, 2019 22:21:51 GMT -7
alpha Avatar
alpha: :sugoi: How far from completion would you say volume 19 is? Nov 13, 2019 7:36:02 GMT -7 *
Kuro Avatar
Kuro: aaaa I'm sorry to everyone TT3TT;; It's been difficult after getting a tiresome job.... Ive been really backed up and trying to focus on more important things first... once I learn how to manage things, I'll get right back into it! xc sorry again... Nov 20, 2019 18:16:59 GMT -7
FantaChan Avatar
FantaChan: No worries Kuro. Feel free to work on the volumes on your own time. And remember I'm always available to help if you need it! Nov 24, 2019 20:43:35 GMT -7
whitetiger Avatar
whitetiger: wait! Was here around 2 week ago and looked on weed russian part for update. Nothink in month, now i get 3 volume Oo Love your work guys! If i had time i would have been here to ease your amazing jobs! but sadly, work and extra work takes all my energy :( Nov 25, 2019 19:06:39 GMT -7
mizuno24 Avatar
mizuno24: Hey guys, haven't been in ths page like ages lol... Dec 1, 2019 11:40:56 GMT -7
wolflmg Avatar
wolflmg: Is Ginga Weed ever going to be finished? I’ve been waiting months for any update on it. Dec 14, 2019 21:05:06 GMT -7
FantaChan Avatar
FantaChan: The Russian/Hokkaido arc is finally complete. Dec 21, 2019 18:17:29 GMT -7
broson Avatar
broson: Visiting this site for the 1st time in looong time ... just want to thank everyone for their amazing hard work over the years <3 <3 <3 Dec 22, 2019 14:08:15 GMT -7
aisuloup Avatar
Hello, I speak French and I am looking for ginga scans in pdf to be able to translate them more easily into French!
Dec 26, 2019 15:24:44 GMT -7
alpha Avatar
alpha: Anyone know more about this comic? It looks like it's Hachiko story's Japanese comic version. Does it have scans? Is it translated in English? Dec 30, 2019 8:36:05 GMT -7
Grand Avatar
Grand: HOLY crap I havn't been on this site in a long time! Had a lot of good times though lol, sorta miss the torture of random videos before movie nights. :trollfaceplz: Feb 27, 2020 19:20:36 GMT -7 *
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Jazz-chan: :P Mar 1, 2020 19:18:55 GMT -7
Mako Avatar
Mako: WOOOOOOOO Mar 1, 2020 21:41:04 GMT -7
Mako Avatar
Mako: RIP ZOMBIE FORUM Mar 5, 2020 17:11:40 GMT -7
Jazz-chan Avatar
Jazz-chan: GB’s gonna rise from the grave and eat some Weedo brains :eyes: Mar 5, 2020 17:14:38 GMT -7
alpha Avatar
alpha: I must be the only one who still checks this once in a while (like every week or so, but other stuff I check several times per day). Mar 9, 2020 10:04:18 GMT -7
Kuro Avatar
Kuro: helloooo, stay safe everyone who visits here and sees this! Mar 27, 2020 14:02:39 GMT -7